Kurbot Service Update

  • Thursday, 29th March, 2007
  • 00:00am
Dear Customer,

This  is to inform you that kurbot has expanded and purchased a new server Located in New York.

Kurbot will be moving your account over in the next few days to the new server. Your services should not be interrupted, however there is a slight chance that they might. Kurbot will notify you when your account is being moved, and we will make sure everything is up and running as it was before the move.

Kurbot.com will also be moving over to the new server & will have to be reconfigured, You might notice a short period of time where kurbot.com & your account within kurbot is unaccessable, please bare with us during our transition for we will be working quickly to get ourself back online.  if you receive any email notifications about any of the services you already have with kurbot, or if you receive a message in reguards to your account being setup for the first time, Kurbot may contact you directly while reconfiguring our accounts to verify that we have all of information up to date and correct.

Kurbot will be introducing more user tools on our new site, which will benefit your service greatly. We have found that most clients dont know what tools are available to them, and we are working to make it easier and more accessable. We are working to make this transition for yourself and kurbot as smooth as possible.

Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact kurbot at 203-774-0098
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