Kurbot Website Update Completed

  • Saturday, 28th February, 2009
  • 22:37pm

We are pleased to announce that Kurbots website has been updated. The update simplified the Kurbot image, enhanced the functionality & useability and streamlined the most commonly used tools into one interface. Our new website will make finding the tools to manage your hosting account, domain, and any other services provided by kurbot easier. For the past 12 months we have been receiving feedback about the functionality of our current website, and all questions and concerns have been addressed with our latest makeover.

Please stop by and visit our new site at: http://kurbot.com

If you run across any errors or glitches in the site while your using it, please submit a ticket or email to bugs@kurbot.com

If you have any questions about what changed in this update, please send your questions to webs@kurbot.com

Thank You

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