Good Security Practices

  • Wednesday, 9th September, 2009
  • 11:49am

Keeping your Hosting Account Secure!!

We strongly recommend that you log into your kurbot account and update your Hosting Password(s). Keeping your hosting account secure is our number priority, and its good practice to update passwords occasionally, even if its a small change.


To update your password, please follow the steps below.


Step 1:
Login to your Kurbot account here:

Step 2:
Once logged in, click on "My Products & Services" on the left hand menu

Step 3:
Then click on the "View" button next to the hosting account you want to update

Step 4:
Scoll down towards the bottom of the screen to the "Change cPanel Password" area and update your password.

*** Note that passwords must contain Uppercase and Lowercase Letters & Numbers and at least 8 characters long to be secure ***

Step 5:

Click on Change Password


If you are having trouble changing your password, please submit an email to, and we can help you change your password.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank you.

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