Kurbot Overhaul

  • Monday, 19th October, 2009
  • 16:24pm

The Kurbot™ web-site will be undergoing a massive overhaul from October 1, 2009 - January 1, 2010. While this process is underway, no services will be interrupted during this overhaul.  Hosting, E-Mail, Domain and all other services will continue as usual. We have provided clients with a Temporary myAccount Area located here: http://kurbot.com/myAccount .

Whats Expected In this update?

1. New Front-End Design

This overhaul will introduce a new front-end website branded and themed to our parent company Rokap Inc. with a complete and fully detailed list of services and products offered.

2. New Simplified "My Account Area"

For clients, being able to manage your services quickly is important. Simplification will be made in the areas of tracking old emails, service tickets, and the ability to print invoices that were paid.

3. New Business Services

Kurbot™ will now offer a complete package for small to mid sized businesses.  Along with our experienced and well known web design and hosting services, Kurbot™ has enhanced and added additional client services. We can now provide our clients with creative marketing strategies and assistance in the execution of online advertising and promotion of services and products through all media, including print, banners, on-line ads, pay per click ads and much more.  Having a web-site and making sure it's on-line "24/7" is important. Driving traffic to your site is imperative for your sucesss.

4. More Options in Hosting

Kurbot™ is expanding it's hosting operations into "VPS", and "Dedicated Server" solutions to add to the already exisiting Shared Hosting and Dedicated IP solutions.  Kurbot™ understands that businesses have different needs and no one single hosting solution is right for everyone.  We offer choices that are effective for our clients.

When all is complete, navigating Kurbot™ will be easier and faster.

Clients who utilize our new marking services will see returns within months.

Clients who host with us will notice faster speeds, less limitations, and more options.

Clients who design with us will notice more flexibility & creativity.

Clients will be able to manage all marketing materials & medias, and advertisment execution in one place.

"From Consultation to Implimentation™", Kurbot™ will continue to improve it's commitment to quality, creative and cutting edge client web services.

Thank you for your patience.

- The Kurbot Team -

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