How Long After I Submit My Website To The Search Engines Will It Show In The Search Engine Listings? Print

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If you have a brand new website, and have submitted your website via the search engine you can expect the following

These search engine events vary depending upon several factors.

Website Submission, Day 1
Submit your web site to these search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing) using our website submission.

Website Submission, Week 1

The search engines will have sent a spider to verify the existence of your domain and website during this time period. You should verify the search engine visited your website by checking your website log files, or by typing your domain name into the search engine search box. If the search engine has visited your site, you should see a bare minimum search engine results listing. You may only see your domain name and no additional information If the search engine did not visit your website check back in another week it should have visited by then.

Website Submission, Week 2-6
During this time, the search engine will begin to index your web pages. It will visit each page and bring the contents of your website into the search engine database. You will begin to see your website pages slowly being brought into the search engine listings a page or two at a time.

Website Submission, Week 7-12
You will begin to see your site listed in the search engine results pages. This is where you begin to seriously watch your search engine placement. Your placement will vary wildly during this time period, it's a normal process for the search engines.

Website Submission, Week 7-12
Your search engine listings should begin to stabilize during this time, and you can begin to optimize and add new content a few pages at a time.

By this point you should be well on your way to a steady search engine listing from submitting your website to search engines.

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