Migration Complete

Kurbot is pleased to announce that our migration to the new server is complete,
All clients have been moved and disruption should have been minimal.

If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions about whats new, please submit a support ticket

Thank you.

13th Sept 2012
Scheduled Service Maintenence

Good Things Get Better! Kurbot is pleased to announce that we will be migrating our hosting platform to a new faster and more powerful datacenter, Exact times will be announced along with any expected downtimes. Once the new servers are up and operational, our team will be contacting each user independantly to schedule a move.   Thank you. Read More »

5th Jul 2012
Public Free Website Hit Counter

Kurbot is pleased to announce a very basic website hit counter that can be applied to any page on your website to display unique visits and total hits over the course of the year. Integration is very simple, and this script can be obtained here:http://kurbot.com/myAccount/dl.php?type=d&id=9 After downloading view the hitCounter.html page for ... Read More »

10th Nov 2010
Kurbot Overhaul

The Kurbot™ web-site will be undergoing a massive overhaul from October 1, 2009 - January 1, 2010. While this process is underway, no services will be interrupted during this overhaul.  Hosting, E-Mail, Domain and all other services will continue as usual. We have provided clients with a Temporary myAccount Area located here: ... Read More »

19th Oct 2009
Good Security Practices

Keeping your Hosting Account Secure!! We strongly recommend that you log into your kurbot account and update your Hosting Password(s). Keeping your hosting account secure is our number priority, and its good practice to update passwords occasionally, even if its a small change. ---------------------------------------------------------------- To ... Read More »

9th Sept 2009
Kurbot Emergency Service - Complete

  Our host.kurbot.com server has finished the Emergency Service. As an extra precautionary, we are requesting you to change your password. To change you cPanel password, Please visit http://kurbot.com/clientarea.php Login with your email address and password registered with kurbot Click on my products & services Click the View ... Read More »

9th May 2009
Kurbot Emergency Service

Our host.kurbot.com server is going in for emergency service. This previous weekend we found a suspcious script running on some of our hosting acounts, which seem to be spreading to other hosting account.  During this emergency service you will notice that your website may become inaccessable from time to time throughout the day tomorrow ... Read More »

5th May 2009
Kurbot Server Move - Complete

We are pleased to announce that the Kurbot Server change over completed with only a few bumps along the way. All services and servers should be fully operation at this point forward. If your experiencing any problems, please open a support ticket with our service department.

25th Mar 2009
Kurbot Server Move Update

Today March 23, 2009, Kurbot experienced an outtage related to our server move over the weekend. As of 5:00pm March 23, 2009 all services have been restored and are functional. We are monitoring all of our services through the night to make sure that they stay up and running.We are aware and still working on restoring a few remaining SSL ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2009
Kurbot is moving to a New Server

Schedualed Service:  New host.kurbot.com ServerService Date: Mar 21th, 2009Service Time: 12:00 Noon - 7:30pmService Duration: 7 hours. Over the the upcoming weekend Kurbot will be undergoing a Server Transition onto a NEW server. This is a schedualed and required service to help maintain the uptime to our customers. There is a schedualed ... Read More »

21st Mar 2009