Software Bug Update.

  • 24th July 2007

We have corrected a bug in our software where upon checkout customers were unable to enter there credit card information. This bug has been resolved & re-secured.

If you are having any trouble still, please contact us so we can look into your problem further.

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Data Center Outage

  • 10th July 2007
This morning there was a short 'blip' in routing to servers to the AccessITX facility where some of our equipment is housed. It has been confirmed that there were brief intermittent power outages that lasted for a few minutes on the LILCO power grid, which in part feeds our New York data centers. Immediately following, UPS ...
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Web Site Tools Added.

  • 28th June 2007
We have added a whole new section to Kurbot  located here: This new section provides you with a large selection of tools for monitoring your websites rank, performance, alexa ranking, back link status, etc. These tools are great for checking your domains / websites progress and evolution. These tools "can ...
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Checkout Process - Updated

  • 10th May 2007
Kurbot now utalizes a checkout gateway called for safe credit card transactions. We have been having some difficulty with spam signups, so we have moved forward full force to help in preventing these type of signups & to also protect the identities of all kurbots clients. We have also institued a ...
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